Dr. Carolyn Simoneaux is an experienced educator, a certified reading therapist, and an NILD educational therapist.  Our tutoring practice offers tutoring for all ages and abilities. Our services include:

  • NILD Educational Therapy
    • NILD Educational Therapy goes beyond subject tutoring, addressing four key areas:

      Cognition, perception, emotion, and academics.

      This one-on-one or small group therapy aids a student to become more competent and confident. By gaining cognitive mastery, every aspect of academics is addressed and success in the classroom is achieved.

      NILD Educational Therapy has research proven results for students of all ability, including students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities (LD),  and dyslexia. The Dyslexia Association has accredited NILD’s training methods and the Feuerstein Institute endorses NILD Educational Therapy. 


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  • Private Tutoring All Subjects - in person or online via,

  • Home School assistance - online and face-to-face

  • Diagnostic testing - cognitive and achievement

    • WISC V cognitive testing
    • Woodcock-Johnston IV achievement testing
    • Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR)
    • Feifer Assessment of Math (FAM)
    • Includes written report and parental conference
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