It all started when...

Dr. Andre Nel

My wife and I had the privilege of working Dr. Carolyn Simoneaux from 1999-2005 while she was director at the Learning Centre School in Gaborone, Botswana. It was our first positions in an International School and we can truly say that what we learned from Mrs. Simoneaux has stayed with us throughout our careers. She was a hands-on, inspirational leader who we only had and still have the greatest respect for. She was firm yet always fair and her love for education and for every child that entered through the gates was truly eye opening. Mrs. Simoneaux was the first person on campus in the mornings and the last one to leave. She was an example to everybody and her energy and commitment were hard to beat.

Mrs. Simoneaux started the school with a few students in a villa, even making the uniforms herself, and built it up to one of the best schools in Botswana. The Christian ethos and atmosphere in the school were felt throughout the whole school and brought a calmness that I can’t describe, over everybody. Ms. Simoneaux always had time, or rather made time, to deal with parents and staff. She had a calming effect on everybody, listed and gave excellent advice whether it was personal and/or academic.

Both my children started at the school in KG and when we left six years later and they were tested at their new school in Muscat, Oman, they were both academically two years ahead of their peers. This was due to Mrs. Simoneaux’s knowledge and experience of the curriculum that she shared with the teachers. Her workshops were always aimed at improving teaching and learning and staff knew what was expected.

The school had quite a big Special Needs Department which accommodated students with learning as well as physical needs. Mrs. Simoneaux believed in inclusive teaching and they were always part of the school and not separated or isolated in any way. The department was well-known throughout Gaborone and for this reason the school was asked to host the Botswana Special Olympics.

We still look back at our time at The Learning Centre School and know this is where our love for education truly started because of the example we had from a truly wonderful and remarkable lady. What she taught us is worth more than anything and we will always be grateful to her for what she has done for us and our children.

-------------------------------------------------------------Dr. Ann Ahrens

I am writing in support of Dr. Carolyn Simoneaux, my friend and colleague with whom I have worked for the past five years at Urshan College. I have been privileged to serve alongside Dr. Simoneaux during her time as registrar, assessment office associate, and as a professor of education and humanities at Urshan College. I have only known Dr. Simoneaux to be professional, courteous, respectful, and punctual in all her duties as both a staff and faculty member.

Dr. Simoneaux is a trusted professor who has a wonderful heart for education and for the growth and development of her students. I have taught at Urshan College for 22 years and have seen many students fail and drop out of college due to their struggles both socially and educationally. A few years ago, Dr. Simoneaux began mentoring students who came into the college with low high school grade point averages, and she did nothing short of working a miracle with these students. I personally witnessed as students went above and beyond expectations when they should have been expected to fail. Their success was all due to Dr. Simoneaux’s skill in mentoring them, and in helping them to believe they could succeed.

For me personally, Carolyn has been a trusted friend who has been willing, time and again, to offer advice, support, and friendship during both happy and difficult times in my life. Her life experience has proven to be blessing to me and many others, and I am a richer person for having known her.

I heartily recommend Dr. Carolyn Simoneaux in the areas of teaching, counseling, and administration. She would be a great blessing to students, faculty, and staff of your school or organization.


Dr. Jim Littles

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Dr. Carolyn Simoneaux. Her work at Urshan Graduate School of Theology and Urshan College provided me with a wide range of opportunities to observe her professional and personal deportment. 
Dr. Simoneaux provides a wonderful blend of experience and formal education required for her educational consultant and academic therapy practice. Her work includes classroom teaching, administration, assessment, mentoring early career teachers, and counseling students at all points of their academic tenure. Dr. Simoneaux holds graduate degrees in education as well as theology. Her research interest centers around educational and behavioral needs of troubled teens. 
Those who engage Dr. Simoneaux as a consultant will quickly discover her personal orientation toward identifying and solving problems. I always found her to enjoy taking on new challenges as assigned by the college or seminary administration. Her experiences leading several educational institutions coupled with her academic training provides appropriate motivation as well as skills needed to serve as an educational consultant.
Dr. Simoneaux’s personal care for students, faculty, and other employees of educational institutions gives me the confidence that she will make every effort to respectfully diagnose and address the needs of her academic therapy clients. She brings her years of experience and academic training into the specific needs of each client.
Please contact me if I can be of any further assistance as you consider Dr. Simeneaux for your consultant or academic therapy needs.


Dr. Tom O'Daniel

I have known Dr. Carolyn Simoneaux for thirty years and have on numerous occasions observed her commitment to excellence in all her endeavors.

I have had the privilege of working with Carolyn in several capacities including as a colleague and as her supervisor.  I have found her to not only be cooperative but also collaborative, understanding the importance of teamwork.  Her success as both a successful entrepreneur and educator equip her to be of tremendous value as a consultant and coach.

Her skills include speaking.  She provides quality content with an interesting delivery.


Mrs. Thandi Mbokazi

I was very excited when you asked me to write a short message based on my experience working with you back in Africa- Botswana.  

One thing I learnt from you is that great mentors push your thinking and help you grow in new ways. They alert you to new teaching methods and provide tips for how to handle various situations in life. I want to thank you for all you have taught me in my teaching career. The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me has been of  great help and support throughout my career.  I believe my success is at least in part due to your sincere support and mentorship.  Thank you for believing in me. You promoted me from being a normal teacher to the Grade Directorship position.   You became an excellent mentor and a great inspiration for me. I now teach in one of the best Private schools in South Africa. Thank you Mrs. S.

I truly appreciate everything I learned from you. It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements. When I am given the opportunity to mentor intern students from our local universities, I always look back and think a lot of you, simply because you were the BEST MENTOR. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.